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    Las Vegas, Nevada / Quincy, Washington


    A private educational institution offering a full range of programs and courses focused on professional development of Military, Law Enforcement,
    Professional Security, Shooting Sports, and Personal Self-Defense.


    Come see what sets our courses apart from the rest.
    With 3 hours of classroom lecture and 5 hours of range instruction we are proud to offer more practical hands-on training than any other company in Nevada.

    For more information on our CFP courses click here.

    Foundry Promo

    Foundry Sessions


    Building you to become weapon.
    These 4 hour training sessions are designed to educate, encourage, evolve, and harden the warrior within.
    Honing the basic fundamentals, introducing new skills sets, developing combat mindset, and expert diagnostics to help you advance your techniques to personal mastery.

    Topics change every session, and student suggestions are encouraged.
    Whether you are new to firearms or an experienced shooter these training sessions will keep building your skill level and keep them sharp.

    For more information on these training sessions click here.

    Private Courses

    Private on site / In home training

    We know your time is precious and how much you value you and your loved ones safety, and with those tenets in mind, we offer private education and training options to fit your budget, goals, and busy lifestyle.
    Become a host for a private session and your training is FREE, or organize a special event for your company or fund raiser for your cause.
    Our faculty can travel to your home range if you don't live in a State with course offerings listed.

    Learn more aboug these options by clicking here..


    Women Of High Caliber

    We are proud to be the host of the Women of High Caliber

    Women of High Caliber was formed to encourage all women to become involved in the shooting sports in a friendly, supportive environment.

    Upcoming session topics can be found on their Facebook page or our WOHC page here

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    Learn more about ADAPT.

    *Disclaimer: ADAPT is an official NRA affiliate however this is not an official NRA website.*

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