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    "Yesterday, 2/17/18, I attended the 8 hour Nevada CFP class.  I have never fired a handgun prior to this class and showed up with a gun, Walther PPQ 9mm, that I wasn’t really sure how to use.  I am a 75 year-old man who does not like to sit still.  However, the 3 hour classroom session was easy to sit through.  The instructor, Eric, is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent speaker.  He injects his humor to keep your attention.  The 5 hour range session was excellent and did not seem that long.  He breaks up the actual shooting with lectures.  There were about 10 of us in the class. A young female buddy of mine also attended with me and she also came away with a lot of knowledge and feeling much more comfortable with using a handgun.  Eric had another instructor, Rob, with us on the range and they were extremely patient and helpful.  Their emphasis on safety kept us feeling safe.  I now realize that I do need more training to be more comfortable and accurate with my gun.  I am a professional photographer, and like taking a photograph,  firing a pistol takes practice.  I would recommend this course to everyone who wishes to be able to carry a concealed weapon.  Even if you don’t think you will ever carry a concealed weapon, just to feel more comfortable and knowledgeable with a handgun, the course would be worth it." - Larry Hanna larryhanna.com

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