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ADAPT has gathered some of the very best, talented, and passionate professionals that have a true desire to teach what they believe in,
and learn from you, how to do it better.

Our Faculty is carefully selected based upon their customer service, safety, and instructional skills. The passion for teaching and the consistent commitment to both self and student improvement are the traits we seek and cultivate in our Staff.

We have many volunteer and guest instructors that teach specific courses here with ADAPT, if you are interested in joining our team or acting as an Associate, to bring a course of instruction to your school, facility, or community please contact us and let us know how we can work together.


Eric LodenEric Loden: Director of Training




Eric began his professional security career before even graduating from high school, with an extensive Martial Arts background he was afforded an opportunity to work security at various clubs and performance venues in Las Vegas. Upon turning 18 he began working as armed security officer for a Private Patrol Operator serving commercial and residential properties, then moving into surveillance, asset protection, loss prevention, and eventually executive protection.

Training with Law Enforcement, Military, Private Security, and Firearms Instruction schools he found his passion for teaching and was hired on at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, instructing in almost every discipline they offered, and curricula development and incoming Instructor Development, his proudest achievement was being assigned to further the development and manage the Force-on-Force "Scenarios" Reality Based Training courses.

Eric left Front Sight having had an incredible experience, and being afforded the opportunity to work with individuals outside of the limited Law Enforcement, and Security field he was used to, helped him grow as an educator immensely. Coaching people from every walk of life, ages from 6 years old to 96, people with disabilities, and absolutely no firearms experience, and watching them gain the confidence in their abilities to effectively defend themselves, families, and communities was truly rewarding.

In addition to continuing to actively work in the security field he continues to study, train and educate others wishing to be security professionals, firearms instructors, or defend themselves and their loved ones.

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As a Former Senior Range Master at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute who was honored to be involved with the Instrutor Development training program, we hold the same standards now with ADAPT.

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