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About Me

Eric began his professional career before even graduating from high school, working security at local clubs and performance venues in the Las Vegas area. With a background in Martial Arts he was soon adopted into a security and executive protection agency and began training in defensive tactics and firearms.

Training with Law Enforcement, Military, Private Security, and Firearms Instruction schools he found his passion for teaching and ended up working with Front Sight Firearms Training Institute for several years. Training approximately 3000+ students Eric left Front Sight with incredible experience in working with individuals from every walk of life.

In addition to continuing to actively work in the security field he continues to study, train and educate others wishing to be security professionals, firearms instructors, or defend themselves and their loved ones.

At ADAPT Eric instructs in the following courses:

  • Pistol
  • Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Close Contact Combat
  • Security Sciences (Baton, Flashlight, and Handcuffing)
  • Nevada Armed Security (NV PILB) Qualification Course
  • Executive Protection Specialist
  • Emergency Preparation
  • NRA Law Enforcement: Handgun/Shotgun
  • NRA Civilian: Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home

36 years of Martial Arts experience

24 years as a Martial Arts Instructor

33 years firearms experience

22 years private security experience

15 years personal protection experience

17 years as a security Instructor

15 years as a firearms Instructor

(Former) Front Sight Firearms Institute- Senior Range Master

NRA Certified Law Enforcement Instructor #161586983

L.V.M.P.D. Recognized Instructor

N.V.S.C.A. Recognized Instructor

N.V.P.I.L.B. Certified Firearms Instructor for the State of Nevada

UT BCI Certified Firearms Instructor for the State of Utah

ASP Law Enforcement Instructor (Baton, Handcuffing, Flashlight)

Surefire Low light and Laser Tactical Instructor

* Firearms: Expert Marksman and Firearms Instructor with Special Strengths in Training and Customer Service. Expertise in various weapon systems and multiple firearm platforms

* Security: Experience in Executive Protection, Threat assessment, Asset Protection, Fraud & Theft Investigations, Surveillance Monitoring and Detection, Disaster Response, Special Event Policing

* Defensive Hand-to-hand combat: Holds multiple Martial Arts degrees, two time National Black Belt Champion with special training in materials breaking, weapon forms, edged weapons, and advanced empty hand defensive tactics



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