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Important Announcement: Faculty Sabbatical

Eric Loden

Greetings to all,

We have been responding to everyone's individual email inquires and will continue to do so, however we wanted to make an announcement that might answer your questions prior to contacting us. 

We really appreciate your support and desire to train with us, however we are currently only booking private and small group courses that do not conflict with our Faculty training and personal schedules. The industry is constantly changing and we are taking some time to restructure, reformat, and adapt to those needs. 

There are many options when it comes to the basic classes, and many independent instructors have now been absorbed into larger brand name organizations that sell insurance or offer nationally branded training programs, and while this may be great option for some, we believe in our curricula and did not want to compromise our teaching methods for guaranteed bookings. We encourage you to do own research when considering where your training dollars will be invested. 

Public class postings will resume as soon as scheduling permits, if you are interested in scheduling a private session, or being notified of our Members only training sessions please email us at info@adaptacademy.com If you receive a message that our inbox is full, please text us to confirm as we have been receiving this message from a few users.

Thank you again for your interest, support, and encouragement. 

Stay safe. Train hard. 

Eric Loden - Director of Training

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