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  4. Eric Loden

    NV CFP 05/13/2018 180513

    Nevada Concealed Firearms Permit Course 05/13/2018. Happy Mothers Day!!!! A lot of people forgot that it was Mothers Day and decided to cut class to be with their Mom's.. I can't blame them.. although they could have brought their Mom's to class too. Hopefully soon.
  5. Eric Loden

    NV CFP 05/05/2018 180505

    Nevada Concealed Firearms Permit Course 05/05/2018
  6. Eric Loden

    MS CFP 04/29/2018 180429

    Multi-State Concealed Firearms Permit Course 04/29/2018. Very fun group of people! We had to deal with the wind but it made for a slightly cooler day. I look forward to seeing everyone come back and train with us again!
  7. Eric Loden

    Front Sight 4 Day Practical Rifle 04/20-23/2018

    Front Sight 4 Day Practical Rifle 04/20-23/2018 ADAPT Faculty regularly trains with other schools to learn new techniques, teaching methods, coaching skills, and stay current with new technologies that have come into the marketplace. This was a great experience for us as a group, often we are not able to attend courses together, as we are teaching or working and the conflicting schedules do not allow. Keeping notes during the course of the exercises we liked, areas we need to improve on, and the pearls of wisdom we pick up along the way is extremely valuable in our growth as individuals and as a company. Once we have a Faculty debrief we might post a course review to be attached to this album. (COURSE REVIEW LINK) If you have any questions about this course, Front Sight as a whole, or what is different about our courses please let us know. Share with us your training experiences, what schools you attended, what you liked and learned, and what could be done better. We hope to see you on the range soon. Stay safe. Train hard. Always ADAPT.
  8. Eric Loden

    Loden, Eric DG Target.jpg

    Totally threw 1 of my 100 yard shots, and had a few outside the thoracic cavity. Forgot my hold over for my 1st 25 yard headshot, then cleaned up the rest. Next time I want to shoot 0 down.
  9. Eric Loden

    WOHC 03/29/2018

    Presenter: ADAPT Topic: Introduction to Edged Weapons for Self Defense Range Activity: Standard target shooting session
  10. Eric Loden

    Primer- Cancelled due to high winds.


    Cancelled due to high winds.
  11. Eric Loden

    NV CFP 3/17/2018 180317

    Nevada Concealed Firearms Permit Course 03/17/2018
  12. Guest


    I took a CCW class on Sunday March 11th it was such a great experience!! I will definitely going back for more advanced training! The instructors were great and very knowledgeable!
  13. Eric Loden

    NV CFP 03/11/2018 180311

    Nevada Concealed Firearms Permit Course 03/11/2018
  14. Eric Loden

    NV CFP 02/25/2018 180225

    Nevada Concealed Firearms Permit Course 02/25/2018 What a group of troopers!!! A bit cold, a bit dark... no problem!!! Finished the qualification using the headlights of a vehicle when the overheads didn't come on. Everyone passed with flying colors!
  15. Eric Loden

    NV CFP 02/17/2018 180217

    Nevada Concealed Firearms Permit Course 02/17/2018 What a great group, had me laughing most of the time!!! I only wish we had more time with all of our Students. We sincerely hope to see you all back again soon!
  16. Version 180213


    F.A.S.T. Target from Pistol Training


  17. Version 180213


    Baer Solutions Warm Up Target 2


  18. Version 180213


    Baer Solutions Warm Up Target 1


  19. Version 180213


    MIL Yards Target Pack from Storm Tactical


  20. Version 180213


    MIL Meters Target Pack from Storm Tactical


  21. Version 180213


    MOA Target Pack from Storm Tactical


  22. Eric Loden

    MS CFP 02/11/2018 180211

    Multi-State Concealed Firearms Permit Course 02/11/2018
  23. Source: https://apnews.com/9f2317f5de8b453baa937ba3381f7c0a (Left: Armed Civilian credited with saving Officers life. Right: Unknown) PHOENIX (AP) — An Arizona officer who was shot and beaten a year ago by a Mexican man he was trying to help after a car crash said a passing driver saved his life by killing the man, according to newly released police reports. State Trooper Edward Andersson said he doesn’t know what led to the attack. The officer had seen Leonardo Penuelas-Escobar cradling his injured girlfriend, then set up flares to try to get drivers to slow down on a major highway. Moments later, Andersson spotted Penuelas-Escobar with a gun in his hand. The reports say Penuelas-Escobar said something in Spanish before shooting the officer in the shoulder and beating him in the head with a handgun, which had been stolen months earlier from a home. An armed driver saw the beating, got out of his vehicle and fatally shot Penuelas-Escobar when he refused a command to stop attacking the officer. Andersson, a 28-year department veteran who underwent multiple surgeries for his injuries and hasn’t yet returned to work, was asked during a police interview what would have been the outcome if the driver hadn’t stopped the attack. “Probably a funeral. He wasn’t gonna stop,” Andersson told investigators, crediting the passer-by with saving his life. The documents released Thursday provide the most detailed account of the attack on Jan. 12, 2017, by a former member of the Mexican federal police who was in the United States illegally, according to investigators. Penuelas-Escobar, who was born in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, was employed in July 2007 as a police officer, but no longer held that job, the documents say. It is not clear why. Investigators concluded Penuelas-Escobar was speeding when his car rolled over about 55 miles west of Phoenix, ejecting Vanessa Monique Lopez-Ruiz, 23. She later died. The driver who killed Penuelas-Escobar wasn’t charged with a crime. Arizona has a law that lets someone use deadly force against a person who is threatening or injuring another person.
  24. Join our Community on Facebook

    Like our page here: https://www.facebook.com/WomenOfHighCaliber/

    About us: 


    Women of High Caliber was formed to encourage all women to become involved in the shooting sports in a friendly, supportive environment.
    Our Story
    The goal of Women of High Caliber is to provide a safe atmosphere for women to learn about or improve shooting firearms. Whether you're an experienced shooter or have never held a gun in your life, this is the place to go if you want to learn more, or if you just want to practice and enjoy the camaraderie of other women and the great outdoors at the beautiful new facilities of the Clark County Shooting Complex.

    General Information

    Women of High Caliber meets on the last Thursday of the month at 6:00pm at the Clark County Shooting Range. We begin each meeting with exciting activities in the Education Center, where we participate in target shooting fun. Come join us. You'll be glad you did!

    From $15.00

  25. Eric Loden

    Women of High Caliber


  26. Eric Loden

    WOHC 01/25/2018 180125

    Women of High Caliber: Presenter: ADAPT Topic: Introduction to Defensive Pistol Range Activity: Guided Range Exercise for Defensive Shooting skills.
  27. 3 Weapon Workshops

    These training sessions are designed to hone the skills sets gained by attending our Foundry or 101 courses. Prior attendance or Instructor approval is required!

    Please check the specific course calendar date to check on topic covered, time, ammunition, and additional gear requirements.

    If you have any questions about these training sessions please email info@adaptacademy.com


    Ammunition count will vary per date, please check course calendar date for specifics requirements. 

    We encourage students to bring their favorite targets to shoot on, or standard silhouette targets will be provided.

    Required gear:

    • Firearm (Semi-automatic or Revolver)
    • Magazines (2) Speed loaders (2)
    • Eye protection (Tinted is allowed, and clear or amber is recommended for low light shooting)
    • Hearing protection (Electronic hearing protection is recommended)
    • Hat w / Brim

    Recommended gear:

    • Holster (If you fail to wear an *appropriate holster for range activities then you will not be permitted to participate in some exercises.)
    • Magazine Pouch / Speed loader carrier
    • Flashlight

    * Appropriate holsters (For information on appropriate holsters please click this link)

    Any professional grade leather or kydex (plastic) holster sold for daily defensive carry for civilians, security, or law enforcement. (Thigh and drop offset holsters are allowed)

    • Belt or paddle mounted point of hip holstered are preferred
    • Inside the waistband (IWB) holsters are permitted if the holster retains its shape and does not collapse or prevent one handed re-holstering

    Inappropriate holsters:

    • Holsters with exposed trigger or trigger guard
    • Sport or Race gun holsters
    • Soft form nylon (Velcro retention strap) holsters will not be permitted.
    • No flexible cloth, or collapsible inside the waistband holsters.
    • No vertical or horizontal shoulder holsters permitted
    • No ankle, cross draw, small of the back
    • No pocket, purse, fanny pack or additional "off the body" carry permitted

    Age Requirements:

    • Minimum age for attending the course unaccompanied is 16. (Parents must sign the release waiver on site.
    • Minimum age for attendance with a parent or guardian is 10. The parent is responsible for acting as the safety coach for the child. One child per parent participating.

    To view our Course reservation procedure, and Cancellation and Refund Policy please click here.

    From $200.00

  28. Eric Loden



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