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  • Our Mission Statement and Guiding Philosophies.





    You have come here with a desire to learn, so have we. To have a passion for teaching you must never lose your passion for learning - Always be a student - learning never ends. We don't want to teach you the ways to DO things we want to teach you the way you LEARN things.


    ADAPT has gathered some of the very best, talented, and passionate professionals that have a true desire to teach what they believe in, and learn from you how to do it better. The training you will experience is not the culmination, end-all-be-all of firearms training. It is the accumulation of experiences coming from Law Enforcement, Military, and competitive shooting backgrounds, of what are some of the very best techniques, and information available today. Armando



    We are committed to constant improvement through careful study of new information gathered through: technological advancements, current events, and ongoing range research. With this we can improve on techniques, evaluate the effectiveness of new teaching methods and develop new exercises (or techniques) if none currently exist to meet your needs.



    Our training is focused on preparing you for the realities of a lethal encounter in a safe and highly controlled environment. We believe we have something very different to offer you; proper instruction in a wide variety of techniques and specific exercises to teach you the wisdom of knowing when to use them appropriately to win whatever battle, fight, or competition you are in.


    We want to make you as good as you want to be, and as perfect as time will allow.

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