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Top notch instruction - very safe - very thorough

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Richard Pesqueira

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I had the pleasure of completing the Concealed Firearms Permit course last week with the 5-hour Pistol Fundamentals Course included. The experience was phenomenal. The instructors were thorough, patient, and wise. I was anxious going in, because I had not fired a pistol in 25 years. The steps they take are suitable for a beginner like me, or a seasoned gun-owner. I felt 100% safe during the course, and though we didn't have anyone try any shenanigans, I got the sense that they would have been all over it.

Most importantly, I loved their philosophies around the legal and moral responsibility of every round that leaves your firearm. I feel like I have a great foundation, and I'm looking forward to a lot more training from ADAPT.  Great job!


Rich P - Las Vegas

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