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Foundry - 3 Weapon Workshop


Event details

Topic: 3 Weapon Workshop
Prerequisites: You must have either attended a Primer, a Pistol Fundamentals, or our Nevada Concealed Firearms Permit Course prior to attendance to this Foundry Session. It is also encouraged that you have either attended both an Introduction to Defensive Shotgun, and an Introduction to Defensive Rifle course.
Description: During this session we will be cover the use of all three weapon systems and the differences that exist when clearing structures. Understanding distance, body posture when clearing corners and utilizing cover and concealment, patterning and penetration considerations.
  • Movement throughout structures
  • Cornering (Slicing the pie)
  • Multiple weapon system transitions for safety and efficiency


Pistol: 100-150 rounds
Shotgun: 50-75 Bird, 20 Slug
Rifle: 75-100 rounds
Multiple weapons systems encouraged (Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol) If you do not have your own, rental weapons are available.
Concealment garments are encouraged

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