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Refferal Credits

As  a current ADAPT Student you can earn credits back on your account to be used for future training sessions or other services simply by referring us to others. If your referrals sign up using your referral code for one of the courses *listed below* you will receive 10% credit for their purchase, for example our Nevada Concealed Firearms Permit Course $100 purchase earns you $10 in ADAPT credit.

Drop our referral banner into your website, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc... profile and start earning credits today. 

You can check your credit balance by logging into your Student profile at any time. 

Earn enough credits, gain a promotion from "Supporter" to "Promoter", "Recruiter", "Associate", or even "Partner" status, at higher levels your credit % increases and you can even earn withdrawal percentage permission to redeem your ADAPT credits as real cold hard cash. 

For more information about higher levels of promotions, special group rates, fundraising opportunities, and organizing special events just email us at info@adaptacademy.com

* Referral courses:

  • Nevada Concealed Firearms Permit Course (*Multi-State, Renewal)
  • Pistol Fundamentals
  • Foundry sessions
  • Membership packages
    • Forged
    • Tempered
  • ACT (ADAPT Combat Training)
  • ADAPTIVE (ADAPT Interactive Video Environment)
  • "On Site" private training for individuals and groups

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