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This page is designed to help answer some of the common questions people have about training with ADAPT. If you are unable to find the answer you are looking for in the following sections please contact us with any questions you may have at info@adaptacademy.com


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What course are you preparing for?


(Course list?)(Links to individual prep pages for the courses?)


A: ADAPT Time to ADAPT! Why do you want to train?
B: Brochures Brochures and Press kit requests.
C: Courses - Course catalog: A downloadable Course Catalog of all the Courses and Programs that ADAPT has to offer.
D: Decide - Decide which course or courses are best for you.
E: Enroll - Enrollment instructions. Whether it is for a one day class, a multiple day course, an in depth program, or a membership with special benefits this is where you begin.
F: Financing - Some courses offer stretched payment options "pay as you go" to avoid large commitments as you get started.
G: Goal setting - How good do you want to be? How do I get there?
H: Home study - Additional training outside of the classroom and off of the range.
I: Inventory - What do I need to have to take my course? Range gear and classroom materials.
J: Just right - Picking the right gear for you and your needs.
K: Keeping you safe - Some of the rules to respect while you attend.
L: Lodging and lunch - Some options for those of you making the trip.




Why do you want to train with ADAPT?
When individuals seek out professional training it says something about them. It tells us that they are more than interested, they are invested in their future.


Brochures Brochures and Press kit requests.
If you are looking for more ways to learn about ADAPT, and ways to share us with others besides being online we have some great documents that you can add as attachments to emails, or print to pass out on the go.


Courses A downloadable Course Catalog of all the Courses and Programs that ADAPT has to offer.
Printable Course Catalog Perfect for Military Personnel
G - Perfect for the White Collar Professional
H - Selecting Your Weapon
I - Recommended Equipment and Clothing
J - Ammunition
K - Lodging and Lunch
L - Weapon Transportation
M - Submitting Your Application for Training
N - Course Confirmation Letter
O - Map to Front Sight
P - Arriving at Front Sight
Q - Sign-In Table
R - Weapons Inspection
S - Welcome to Front Sight!
T - What to Expect on the Range
U - Our Proven Instruction Methods
V - Dynamic and Thought-Provoking Lectures
W - Tactical Training and Shooting Houses
X - Concealed Carry Training
Y - Low Light and Night Shooting
Z - More Range Drills, Shooting Competition, and Skills Evaluation
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