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Front Sight 4 Day Practical Rifle 04/20-23/2018

Front Sight 4 Day Practical Rifle 04/20-23/2018

Front Sight 4 Day Practical Rifle 04/20-23/2018

ADAPT Faculty regularly trains with other schools to learn new techniques, teaching methods, coaching skills, and stay current with new technologies that have come into the marketplace. 

This was a great experience for us as a group, often we are not able to attend courses together, as we are teaching or working and the conflicting schedules do not allow. 

Keeping notes during the course of the exercises we liked, areas we need to improve on, and the pearls of wisdom we pick up along the way is extremely valuable in our growth as individuals and as a company. Once we have a Faculty debrief we might post a course review to be attached to this album. (COURSE REVIEW LINK)

If you have any questions about this course, Front Sight as a whole, or what is different about our courses please let us know. 

Share with us your training experiences, what schools you attended, what you liked and learned, and what could be done better.

We hope to see you on the range soon. Stay safe. Train hard. Always ADAPT.

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