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LVMPD Announces Online CFP Applicaiton Process launch

Eric Loden

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To our instructors,

As many of you know, the e-CCW applications have gone live. Please visit LVMPD.com for more information.

The implementation of e-CCW has not changed any of the training standards or methods. This simply allows citizens to complete the written portion of the application online and make an appointment at the Fingerprint and Records Bureau to sign their application in person and complete their fingerprints and photo.

The e-CCW online application has been in development for over a year and its release to the public now is in no way associated to the closure of the Records Bureau. Citizens can complete an online application but are NOT going to be able to complete the process until the Fingerprint and Records Bureau reopens to the public.

There have been many questions about training standards, range qualifications, and the use of video classroom portions being made available. The CCW Detail, in cooperation with the LVMPD Special Investigations Section, will stay compliant with the Nevada Governor's Emergency Directive to cancel all non-essential businesses. No video teleconferencing of classes or range qualifications have been approved by either the LVMPD CCW Detail, nor the Nevada Sheriffs and Chiefs Association. Certifications during this time period will not be accepted by the CCW Detail.

The LVMPD CCW Detail has been diligently working to get the many questions answered especially regarding CCW renewals and expirations. As that information becomes available it will be shared with instructors and on the LVMPD website.

This has been a very challenging time, especially for businesses in our community. The LVMPD CCW Detail is committed to providing excellent customer service and assisting citizens as much as we can while also maintaining compliance with emergency directives. 

LVMPD – CCW Detail 
400 S. Martin L. King Blvd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89106

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