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NV: Public Meeting and Forum on the CCW Permit Process 8/20/13

Eric Loden

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NV: Attend the 2013 CCW Public Forum and Voice Your Opinion on the CCW Permit Process


The Nevada Sheriffs’ and Chiefs’ Association will be hosting its annual Concealed Carry Weapons forum in Carson City on Tuesday, August 20, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon in the Legislative Building (room 1214) located on 401 South Carson Street in Carson City.  


This forum will be available via teleconference to participants in Las Vegas at the Grant Sawyer Government Building (room 4401) located on 555 East Washington Avenue in Las Vegas.


In Elko at Great Basin College High Tech Center at 1500 College Parkway.


The purpose of this forum is to enable members of the pro-gun community to provide public input regarding the administration of the CCW permit process, which is the responsibility of county sheriffs.  


To view this meeting agenda, please click here. Aside from items on the agenda, other topics regarding concealed firearms can be discussed.


This is a great opportunity to ask questions and provide input on how to make the process better and more efficient, such as removing the requirement that fingerprints be submitted on a CCW renewal or discuss ways to lower fees for new permits and renewals.


Your participation is vital to the continued success of Nevada’s Right-to-Carry process, so please attend this important forum.  For those who attend, an open mic is provided for input, questions and public comment.  


For those unable to attend but would like to submit a question or comment, please e-mail rroshaknvsca@cox.net or mail to:

Attention: R. Roshak
Post Office Box 753601
Las Vegas, Nevada 89136


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