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Women of High Caliber


Event details

The ADAPT staff has the pleasure to be hosting the Women of High Caliber on October 25th at the Clark County Shooting Complex Education Center.

If you would like more information about this great group of ladies you can visit their facebook page here https://www.facebook...enOfHighCaliber

Location: Clark Co

unty Shooting Range, Education Center which is the northernmost range

Time: 6:00-8:00pm. From 6:00-6:50pm we’ll be in the Education Center. Then we’ll shoot on the range at that same location from 7:00-8:00pm.

We have four SIGs (Special interest groups) – one for beginners, one for competition pistol, one for non-competition pistol and one for rifle.

There is a $15.00 charge. Bring cash or checks made payable to Women of High Caliber (we’re working on online credit card payments)


You’ll need to bring or rent a gun (hand gun or rifle) and eye protection, bring or buy ammo (call the range to see if your ammo is available), ear protection and targets. If you need to buy or rent supplies or if it’s your first time at the range – please go to the rifle and pistol range at 5:30 to make your purchases, rentals, and for first time at the range to see the safety video. There is no time between the activity at the Education Center and shooting at the range for these things. DO NOT pay the range fee at the rifle and pistol range.


This month’s host and presenter is ADAPT.

Presenter: Eric Loden, Director of Training

Topic: Women's Close Contact Defense

Classroom presentation will begin with an interactive group exercise on situational awareness, threat level assessment, avoidance, de-escalation and use of verbal commands to know how to spot potential threats and react appropriately in real world encounters when carrying a firearm. From there, we will move into considerations for methods of carry and presentation of your firearm from a holster or concealment. We will conclude with a demo illustrating the difference between a gunfight and a fight for the gun as well as an exercise in close contact defensive techniques; including: guarding, deflection, disruption of aim, and engaging the threat.

Range Time - We will lead the group in a practical application of the above with live fire. This will include: Verbal Commands and shooting from close contact.

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