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FOUNDRY- Shoot House


Event details

Topic: Shoot House
The forecast shows the possibility of high winds on this evening. If we are unable to set up the actual shoot house structure, we will still cover the content and add in some alternate drills. Please check in with us on the day of to confirm, if you have questions, or would like to move your reservation.
Prerequisites: You must have either attended a Pistol Fundamentals, or our Nevada Concealed Firearms Permit Course prior to attendance to this Foundry Session.
This will be our seasonal live fire shoot house featuring ghosts, ghouls, and  zombie targets in celebration of Halloween.
  • There will be a mix of paper, steel, rubber reactive, and moving targets to engage.
  • Target identification is also a must as you don't want to shoot the living amongst the dead.
Load out:
200-250 rounds (Pistol)
Concealment garments are encouraged

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