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Sorry for the late notice, however we are going to cancel this evenings course due to unforeseen circumstances. To those individuals who were interested yet did not enroll please look ahead on the calendar to see when the next session covering this topic will be offered. If you did register and did not already receive a personal message from us, please let us know. Until next time, have a good evening. Stay safe. Train hard.
Topic: Introduction to Defensive Shotgun
We will review shotgun and gear selection from our previous session on 2/28/18 then move into loading/unloading, malfunctions, and manipulations.
  • Understanding ammunition variations (Bird, Buck, and Slug)
  • Patterning your shots at distance for good defensive groupings
  • Loading, reloading, and clearing malfunctions
  • Advanced manipulations for shell selection and single hand drills
  • Shooting multiple adversaries
  • Shooting on the move


50-100 Birdshot
20-30 Buckshot
10-20 Slug
Multiple weapons systems allowed however we will be focusing on Shotgun this session
Garments that accommodate carrying of shells is encouraged

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