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NV Armed Guard and CCW qualification course.


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This course meets all requirements set forth by the Nevada Private Investigations Licensing Board for the individual who graduates to carry a firearm they have qualified with while performing the duties of an Armed Security Officer in lawful employment under a licensee in good standing with the state.

*Minimum age for attendance 18 and Agency Armed Referral Form is required*

Topics include:

  • Safety
  • State laws
  • Weapons selection
  • Basic tactics
  • Situational awareness
  • Caring for your handgun
  • Methods of carry
  • Presentation from the holster
  • Malfunction clearances
  • Speed, Emergency, and Tactical Reloads
  • Low light shooting

Bonus material on the afternoon of Day 2 may include:

  • Single hand shooting and malfunction clearances
  • Introduction into alternative shooting positions
  • Appropriate use of cover vs. concealment
  • and more...

(This course may be taught in conjunction with the Nevada Concealed Weapons Qualification Course. Check for "Bundle discount" options when purchasing)

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