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Topic: Speed and Accuracy
Prerequisites: You must have either attended a Primer, a Pistol Fundamentals, or our Nevada Concealed Firearms Permit Course prior to attendance to this Foundry Session. (Primer session precedes this Foundry session.)
Fast misses don't win gunfights!!! Speed is fine but accuracy is final. This session will focus on the elements of speed and accuracy. From the goal of a perfect presentation, the difference between point shooting, target focus shooting, and sighted shooting for varying degrees of accuracy based upon distance and opportunity. 
  • Perfect presentation
  • Mastering the 3 Secrets of Marksmanship
  • Sight acquistion
  • Sight discipline
  • Recoil management
150-200 rounds (Primary)
Multiple weapons systems are allowed however the focus of the session will be on Pistol from the holster
Concealment garments are encouraged

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