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Foundry OPEN HOUSE (Special Session)


Event details

2017 OPEN HOUSE!!!!  (Reserve your spot today!!!)

1200-1700 Pistol Fundamentals

1700-1800 Dinner break / Range setup)

1800-2200 Evening session

Select the 1/1/2017 Course Date from the drop down menu, and add it to your cart. (Current students, be sure to log in so that your discount is automatically applied.)

During this special 10 hour session we will be demonstrating some of the various training options that we make available to our Students.

No prerequisite required for this session. (First 5 hours is our Pistol Fundamentals course, which meets the prerequisite need)  

We will be starting with our safety and orientation briefing and then move into some basic techniques that every student should have in order to progress in our Foundry Sessions.

Topics include:

  • Range Safety, Range etiquette, Range commands
  • Firearms positions, and safe handling
  • Loading/Unloading, Aiming and Firing Techniques
  • Basic marksmanship principles
    • Grip, Stance, Sight alignment, Sight Picture, Trigger Control
  • Sighted vs. Target focus or point shooting
  • Defensive marksmanship (the balance between speed and accuracy)

We will then be setting up various "stations" that attendees will be rotating through to experience a brief introduction into the other classes, courses, and on-going training that we offer.

ADAPTIVE: ADAPT Interactive Video Environment: Using the LASR shot recording software and the http://adaptacademy.com/sirt.html, the students will be challenged with various exercises and skills tests under time pressure.

ACT: ADAPT Combat Training- Force-on-Force Simulator. Students will be challenged with making fight stopping hits on a living target that is shooting back!!! Situational awareness, effective communication, critical decision making, and marksmanship are all put to the test using non-lethal ammunition. 

Live Fire Shoot House-  Students will apply basic solo tactics to navigate a structure utilizing cover or concealment as available, situational awareness, threat assessment, target identification, light discipline, and fire on reactive targets with their own weapon and live ammo. 

And much more....

  • Shooting on the move
  • Shooting steel targets
  • Shooting positions for accuracy out to 50 yards (or further, but we are on a 50 yard range)
  • Addressing Multiple Targets
  • Addressing Moving Targets
  • Introduction into multiple weapon systems (Rifle and Shotgun)

Required gear:

  • Pistol and appropriate holster (Inside or Outside the waistband)
  • Magazine pouches (Consider ease of access as reloads are timed)
  • 2-3 Magazines
  • 250-400 rounds of ammunition
  • Eye and Ear protection 

Recommended gear:

  • Concealment garment (Over-shirt or vest that effectively conceals your firearm)
  • Pistol recommended, shotgun and rifle allowed


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