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09/27/2013 session: Presentation on Instructions given to the jury in cases of self-defense with a gun

With much thanks to our hosts, ADAPT

Session 6:00-7:00 for the presentation followed by shooting on the range 7:00-8:00 [Opportunity to stay later of you like]

Location: Clark County Shooting Complex, Education Center, which is the northernmost range. Drive past the offices, past the shotgun range, and past the rifle and pistol range. Keep on the switchback road until the end. Watch for the ‘Education Center’ signs as you are driving up.

BRING: Eye and Ear protection, guns, ammo and targets. You can buy targets at the Rifle and Pistol range prior to the 6:00pm meeting or bring your own.

Provided: This month’s fun target – Dart board – will be provided at no charge.

Beginners: New to shooting or never shot before? There will be a Range Safety Officer who will work with the beginners.

First time at the range? If this is your first time at the range please plan on going to the Rifle and Pistol range about 5:15 so that you can view the range safety video.

There is a $15.00 charge. Bring cash or checks made payable to Women of High Caliber. [Additional charge if you’d like to stay later]

Call Ricki Henry if you need directions: Cell (623) 670-0868

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