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Pistol 101 Winter Session 1:6


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We are excited to announce our Pistol 101 Winter Sessions! Our 4 Day Pistol 101 course has been adapted into 10, 4 hour classes for the convenience of our students. All of the same great training and information delivered in a safe, fun, comfortable setting at a manageable pace.

*First session is $80 to cover administrative fees, all subsequent sessions are $60.*


Safety, Operation, Intermediate Marksmanship.

Throughout the 10 weeks of this course students learn the fundamentals of firearms safety and operation, listen to lectures, participate in group activities, proactively coach other students, and receive hands on and one-on-one instruction from industry professionals with law enforcement, military and competitive shooting experience. Training is focused on preparing the student for the realities of a lethal encounter in a safe and highly controlled environment. Specific exercises are designed to increase the student’s skill level from cognitive action to an appropriate reflexive response.

Topics covered over the course of all the sessions:

Classroom and Range Etiquette

The Four Universal Safety Rules

Color Code of Mental Awareness, Developing a Combat Mindset

Truth and Consequences in a Lethal Encounter

Necessary Use of Force

Stances: Isosceles and Weaver; Natural Point of Aim

Grips: Two Hand, Single Hand and Offhand

Presentation from Holster to Retention Ready, to Close Contact, to Target and from Concealment

Administrative Loading and Unloading

Marksmanship: Balance of Speed vs. Accuracy

Malfunction Clearances

Threat Assessment:

Rules of Engagement based upon Weapon System and Target Availability; Response to Multiple Threats

Presentation from Holster while Moving

After Action Responses

Reloading: Tactical, Emergency and Speed

Finishing the fight: The Aftermath, Communication and First Aid

Equipment needed over the duration of the course:

1 Gun

3 Magazines/speed-loaders for the gun

1 Holster

1 Magazine Pouch

1 Sturdy Belt

A Hat with brim and wrap-around eye and hearing protection

1000-1200 Rounds of ammunition approx.

Knee pads and elbow pads optional

If you need to rent gear for this course please click here.

Course Dates:

Session 1:1 01/07/2013 1600-2000

(Ammunition count 150 rounds)

Session 1:2 1/28/2013 1600-2000

(Ammunition count 150 rounds)

Session 1:3 2/11/2013 1600-2000

(Ammunition count 150 rounds)

Session 1:4 2/25/2013 1600-2000

(Ammunition count 150 rounds)

Session 1:5 3/4/2013 1600-2000

(Ammunition count 100 rounds)

Session 1:6 3/18/2013 1500-1900

(Ammunition count 100 rounds)

Session 1:7 4/1/2013 1500-1900

(Ammunition count 100 rounds)

Session 1:8 4/15/2013 1500-1900

(Ammunition count 100 rounds)

Session 1:9 4/29/2013 1500-1900

(Ammunition count 100 rounds)

Final Session 1:10 5/06/2013 1500-1900

(Ammunition count 150 rounds)

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