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Topic: Shooting on the move / Shooting moving targets / Primary to secondary transitions / Paper and Steel Targets
Prerequisites: None. However attendance of a Pistol Fundamentals or another professional course of instruction is recommended.
In this session we will be starting with the fundamentals of movement, getting off the "X" and continued movement in a sustained engagement.
  • Body reference or Point shooting positions
  • Pivoting and tracking a moving target
  • Footwork for rapid response to multiple directions of attack
  • Pacing for the optimal balance of speed vs. accuracy while moving
Primary weapon (Rifle or Shotgun) must have sling to participate in transition exercises to Pistol
Rifle 200-300 rounds  (If you do not have a rifle and will be using ours it is .223 caliber
Shotgun 100 Bird, 20 Buck, 10 Slug  (If you do not have a shotgun and will be using ours it is 12 gauge)
Pistol 150-200 rounds

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