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Topic: Close Contact Combat Engagements
In this session we will be focusing on gun fights that can occur at arms length because your gunfight might start with a fight for your gun. We will cover protecting yourself long enough to access your weapon, as well as protecting your firearm from the attackers attempt to gain access to it. 
  • Body reference or Point shooting positions
  • Defensive guards
  • Striking
  • Gaining distance
  • Weapons retention techniques (Red Gun and Airsoft Simulator will be utilized for all Force on Force actives)
  • Weapon disarms (Red Gun and Airsoft Simulator will be utilized for all Force on Force actives)
100-150 rounds (Primary)
Multiple weapons systems are allowed however the focus of the session will be on Pistol from the holster. Shotgun and Rifle Simulators will be provided for these exercises.
Airsoft Protective Gear
Eye protection and face shield will be provided for any Force on Force components, scarves will be provided for throat protection. 
We encourage long sleeve shirts, and thicker garments if you want more protection. You may want to bring extra fabric to layer any additional sensitive areas.

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