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Here are just some of the questions to ask yourself when considering any holster.

Accessibility vs. conceal-ability? Are you going to be open carrying or concealing the weapon? (The nature of your work, or your operational environment.)

Passive retention, basic retention, full retention? What is the likelihood that you will be engaged in a physical altercation where an attempt to remove your firearm will be made by another person? (The nature of your work, or your operational environment.)

What is your level of training in weapons retention techniques? (Have you received any formal training in close contact combative techniques, specific to retaining a weapon on your body and defending yourself from attempts by others trying to remove it?)

Weighing the pros and cons of the holster. (In no particular order although we put safety first.)
Safety = (Is this product on the market because it is unsafe? Are people using it in an unsafe manner? Is additional training in the proper use of the product recommended, or required to operate it safely?)
Cost / Value = (Expense vs. longevity of use, and number of uses.)
Versatility (Can this one item be used for multiple situations (different operational environments, activities, or on other individuals besides myself?)
Functionality = (Will this product be able to perform the tasks that I need it to?
Reliability = (Is this product going to function when I need it to?)
Durability = (Is this product going to last me for as long as I want it to?)
Availability = (Do they make the product for my equipment, and is it readily available?)



Outside the waistband OWB


Blackhawk Serpa Level 2 Safariland ALS 5.11 Thumbdrive


To read the ADAPT Blackhawk Serpa holster review by: Eric Loden click here.


Inside the waistband IWB


Aliengear Cloak Tuck





Bladetech Kydex Comp Tac OWB





Fobus OWB ITAC OWB Bianchi Accumold Nylon OWB Leather OWB Drop Leg Rig





Belt Mounted Cross Draw Holster Shoulder Holster Small of the Back Position

Ankle Holster Competition Style
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