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Pistol Fundamentals


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Pistol Fundamentals

Safety, Operation, Basic Marksmanship

In this 5 hour range only course, students learn the basics of firearms safety and operation, listen to lectures, and receive hands on and one-on-one instruction from industry professionals with law enforcement, military and competitive shooting experience. Training is focused towards weapons familiarization, basic marksmanship.

This course is the required minimum prior to attending our ongoing Foundry training sessions. 

If you wish to receive a Nevada Concealed Firearms Permit please follow this link so you may attend the 3 hour lecture session prior to this range session to receive your application and certificate. 

Topics covered:

  • Range Safety, Range Etiquette, and Range Commands
  • Four Universal Safety Rules
  • Appropriate Dry Practice procedures and exercises
  • Stances: Isosceles and Weaver
  • Grip: Single and Two Handed
  • Various ready positions. (Low Ready, Contact Ready, High Ready, Sul)
  • Administrative Loading and Unloading
  • Marksmanship: Balance of Speed vs. Accuracy
  • Reloading: Tactical, Emergency and Speed
  • Survival Sequence
  • and More....

To view our Course reservation procedure, and Cancellation and Refund Policy please click here.

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