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ACT (ADAPT Combat Training)


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ADAPT Combat Training (ACT I:) Scene 1: $150.00 Duration 3 Hours


This mobile training simulator is used to teach the appropriate use of tactics when clearing a structure. The system can be modified to mimic the floor-plan of your home, office, or a random location. Exercises can be done with static, reactive, or even live targets which focus on critical decision making skills in a stressful environment.




Using protective equipment to protect the structure and other occupants the participant will be instructed on the appropriate techniques to safely move from one location to another in a close quarter environment. The participant will be challenged with critical decision making exercises and have to choose to escape, evade, or engage possible threats as they move to safety.


In these scenarios students will begin with static shoot or no-shoot targets, and progress through moving targets, up to encountering live role players that they will have to communicate or engage with.


Topics Covered:

  • Movement
  • Use of Cover and or Concealment
  • Positions of Tactical Advantage
  • Critical Decision Making Skills
  • Escape, Evasion, or Engagement Scenarios
  • Communication, Control, Cover
  • Finishing the fight

Prior attendance to a live fire range course is suggested however not mandatory to participate in these sessions.


Suggested courses to attend:

NO LIVE FIREARMS, KNIVES, BATONS, or Other weapons will be permitted in the designated safe training environment.


Equipment provided to the participants:

  • Eye Protection
  • Face mask
  • Throat guard
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Chest protector (Optional)
  • Gloves
  • Training firearms (Airsoft) Learn more about these training tools here.
  • Additional magazines, and non-lethal ammunition

Recommended optional clothing and additional protective gear:

  • Athletic supporter (Males)
  • Hard chest guard (Females)
  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads

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