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Event: Women of High Caliber & ADAPT Range time.


Event details

ADAPT Academy is again pleased to be the host for The Women of High Caliber. Please visit their Facebook, and Zazzle page for more information or any logo gear you need to show your support and come on out to these wonderful events for a great time, firearms, and fun with friends.

After the scheduled event ADAPT staff will remain on the range to continue training those who wish to. *$5.00 additional range fee*




Topic: Question and Answer with the panel.

Panel Members: Eric Loden- ADAPT Academy, Lauren Boitel- ADAPT Academy, (Additional members pending)

Range activity: Target shooting. (Unspecified targets)


A Southern Nevada Gun Club created for Women by Women


Women of High Caliber was formed to encourage all women to become involved in the shooting sports in a friendly, supportive environment.


The goal of Women of High Caliber is to provide a safe atmosphere for women to learn about or improve shooting firearms. Whether you're an experienced shooter or have never held a gun in your life, this is the place to go if you want to learn more, or if you just want to practice and enjoy the camaraderie of other women and the great outdoors at the beautiful new facilities of the Clark County Shooting Range.

General Information:

Women of High Caliber meets on the last Thursday of the month at 6:00pm at the Clark County Shooting Range. We begin each meeting with exciting activities in the Education Center, where we participate in target shooting fun. Come join us. You'll be glad you did!

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