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LVMPD Appointments NO LONGER REQUIRED for CFP submission.

Eric Loden

LVMPD Appointments NO LONGER REQUIRED for submission. We are not exactly sure as to when they officially updated the policy or the information page, however we knew the old policy of appointments was being challenged since late last month.

From the LVMPD website.

In Person Submission

·         Click, CCW application.

·         Complete application, leaving signatures to be signed in person. ADAPT - (From our experience you should sign pg 7. prior to arrival.)

·         Make an appointment

*Walk-in applications accepted at LVMPD Records & Fingerprint Bureau


The combination of filling out the application online, submitting the payment, and then still going down there as a walk in for fingerprinting and photograph is not listed or explained, however this is what I did and it worked. Originally I submitted my online application on 06/27 and received the appointment date of 08/09 which would have made my renewal permit late (10/20) so I instead arrived to be counted as a *walk in appointment.  The technician first refused me stating that if I already have an appointment I would have to leave and keep that appointment, to which I replied " I am canceling my appointment, you can treat me as a walk in as I am here right now."

Please give us some feedback on your experience with the submission process either online or in person, I would like to report back to their supervisors when our students are not receiving good customer service from the LVMPD.

Have a great day. Stay safe.

-Eric Loden - Director of Training

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