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Phase 2 Re-opening Update 05/30/2020

This announcement is no longer active

Eric Loden

-------------------------   UPDATE  05/30/2020  --------------------------

We received an update from the Clark County Shooting Complex regarding use of the classrooms and range facilities, including "Social Distancing" guidelines/ occupancy restrictions that have been set in place. In accordance with the 50% occupancy or 6' spacing requirements our normal class size of 32 Students for our Nevada Concealed Firearms Permit Course has been reduced to 15 utilizing one room, or 24 utilizing 2 adjoining rooms.

Due to these restrictions we will be forced to ask those willing to move their current reservations back to a later date voluntarily first, then if occupancy is still an issue we will grant access based upon registration date order.

As we currently sort our waiting list by original date requested, current reservation, and registration order we appreciate your patience and support.

We may also be forced to change the starting hours of the course and course schedule, such as starting earlier at 0700 and ending at 1600 (7am - 4pm) or a 4 hour classroom lecture and 4 hour range session, we will be sending out emails to see if this conflicts with registered Students scheduling prior to confirmation.

Please let us know by email if you would like to voluntarily move your reservation to a later course date.

All dates beyond 06/07 are booking with occupancy restrictions accounted for throughout June, hoping to be fully operational by July.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay informed.



-------------------------   UPDATE  04/27/2020  --------------------------

As the current closures continue to stay in effect we are being forced to cancel all public classes that were previously scheduled at the Clark County Shooting Complex as they will remain closed until further notice. We have suspended all new registrations for courses in May 2020. We have many classes scheduled in June, and we sincerely hope that the current situation passes and we are able to operate normally again. There has been some discussion of attempting to hold small public classes (10 or less students) like we do with our current private reservation process, however we are still searching for a suitable classroom location that would allow mandated social distancing practices. If you have a location or know of anyone that might be willing to accommodate us please contact us.


We again appreciate all the support we are receiving, and the patience you are showing as we all learn to adapt right now.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay informed.

-------------------------   UPDATE  04/01/2020  --------------------------

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak (D) ordered residents to stay at home on Wednesday as he extended a statewide closure of schools and nonessential private businesses until the end of April.




With this announcement we are forced to reschedule all Students that have previously registered for one of the postponed courses. Many of you have moved your reservations from 04/05, 04/05 to 04/19 or 04/26. With the cancellation of these dates we ask that you please look at our May calendar and select a course date on which you would like your reservation moved to.

Many have asked how to change their reservations, indicating that they did not read the previous emails, or our reservation rescheduling policy prior to or after purchasing their course.

In order to reschedule, simply send us an email with the names of those registered and list the date which you would like your reservation moved to.

We appreciate your support and patience as we all navigate these interesting times we are in, and encourage you to reach out to us if you have any questions. We are currently in the process of updating our website with more content so you can continue your education and continue to train at home.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released this statement at 3:58 PM 04/01/2020


Please let us know if you would like to change your reservation into a private or small group course.

Stay safe. Stay informed.

---------------------------------   UPDATE  03/26/2020  --------------------------------



We hope everyone is staying safe during the current situation, please watch over yourselves and your families. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know as we want to be here for our Customers, Students, and Community.

Tentatively Nevada businesses should be allowed to resume normal operations on April 17th, so priority reservations for our April 19th will be for Students who were displaced from our 03/22, 04/04, and 04/05 course dates.

All course dates beyond 04/19 are scheduling as normal at this time, pending future updates.

Stay safe. Stay informed. ADAPT.

We were informed on 03/16 that the Clark County Shooting Complex is suspending all activity until further notice. This forces us to cancel some scheduled courses and removed the ability to make reservations for new customers as we reschedule those individuals with current reservations first.

Please email us immediately if you need to make a change to your reservation.


We do offer private in home, and on site training options for individuals and groups, if you are interested in pursuing this option and turning your current reservation credit into a private session please let us know.

---------------------------------   UPDATE  03/24/2020  ------------------------------

We are no longer allowed to schedule private courses as we received this email from the LVMPD.

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