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    Verb (used with object), forged, forging.
    1. to form by heating and hammering; beat into shape.
    2. to form or make, especially by concentrated effort:

    This membership entitles current students an additional discount on Foundry attendance. 

    Forged Membership discount allows the student to attend 12 sessions at $40 per session if a one time payment of $480 is made which is a $120 savings. 

    Standard rates:

    1st time attendance: $100.00 (Registration, Orientation, and Course Fees) attendee is moved to "Student" usergroup and now has access to discounts site wide. 

    Additional attendances: $50.00 Current student discount of 50%

    Additional details:

    Standard Foundry sessions will be held monthly or bi-monthly and consist of no less than 4 hours and no more than 6 hours unless specified as a "Special session".

    Members will be able to purchase a Special Session upgrades at a discount unavailable to others.