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  1. I was looking over the classes, and one of the things that I had a question about is, can you give an example of verbal conflict negotiation? Also for women I know shotting a shotgun is heavy, is shotting a rifle strenuous on you body, and if so what muscles should you work out to be prepared for the class?

    1. Eric Loden

      Eric Loden

      Good afternoon Nikki,

      Beyond the standard verbal challenges involved in commanding a potential threat to stop and back away, we cover the elements of gentle de-escalation. An example would be verbaljudo.com

      Shooting a shotgun can be demanding as it is not only the weight but the recoil that you have to get acustom to.

      A rifle on the other hand is considerably less demanding and the recoil is minimal.

      In regards to exercises that would help both... lower back as you lean forward to help mitigate recoil, and shoulders as you raise both out in front of your body.

      We look forward to seeing you back in class once normal operations resume.

  2. Will there be firing range time for the 30th of Jan 2020, also can we request a special weapon other than a shot gun and or a pistol? I have a total 3 so far that's going? If not can we request a special class?

    1. Eric Loden

      Eric Loden

      Good morning Nikki , as stated on the calendar details we will have an hour or more of range time working on shooting while moving and on moving targets.

      The focus of the evening was expected to be pistol, what special weapon are you hoping to request, a rifle?


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  3. Just finished the concealed carry course today. Very informative and well taught. I will definitely be taking more of Training from ADAPT Academy. Thanks Eric 

    1. Eric Loden

      Eric Loden

      You are most welcome Sir, we appreciate the compliments and hope that you share your experience with others. Until we see you again. Stay safe. Train hard.

  4. Learned a lot at the Foundry class on Wednesday. I have also learned a lot at the concealed firearms courses. You and your staff are awesome!

    1. Eric Loden

      Eric Loden

      Thank you Lynette. We would really appreciate you sharing your comments with the world so more people could hear the good word about ADAPT. http://www.yelp.com/biz/adapt-academy-north-las-vegas

  5. That picture makes you look like a machine lol

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