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Open Carry: Keep the "Tact" in Tactical

Eric Loden

Open Carry Questionnaire   

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  1. 1. Do you Open Carry? (You may select more than one answer)

    • Yes: The majority of the time.
    • Yes: Some of the time.
    • Yes: Rarely
    • No: I carry concealed
    • No: I do not carry a firearm
  2. 2. What is the primary reason you Open Carry?

    • Employment
    • Self-defense
    • Political statement
  3. 3. What statement best describes your opinion on Open Carry? (You may select more than one answer)

    • Open Carry is absolutely necessary as a statement of our freedoms and rights!
    • Open Carry is a powerful deterent to crime.
    • I support Open Carry for legitimate self defense needs, but not for political advocacy.
    • I support Open Carry for handguns but not long guns.
    • I do NOT support Open Carry because it displays a poor image.
    • I do NOT support Open Carry because it is a poor tactical decision.

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The Open Carry movement... might be taking gun rights, in the wrong direction.


If you are not stepping up and protecting your rights then you might as well stand aside and let them get trampled! That is the sentiment of many of the progressive 2nd Amendment movements across the country.


Some say to never judge a book by it's cover, and others believe the importance of a good first impression. Can we as gun owners display a positive image, make a good impression, and leave a long lasting positive impact on those we encounter on a day to day basis?


There has been a meteoric rise in the "appearance"  of supporters for the 2nd Amendment but what message are their actions conveying to the general public  who is left to judge their actions based upon appearance alone? Pictures are worth a thousand words right? (Image matters. Be presentable. If you might be asked questions as to why you are doing what you are doing then essentially you are being interviewed. What do you wear to an interview?)


When we see pictures in the media of 2nd Amendment advocates demonstrating their "right" to carry a firearm followed by headlines that are negative should we be surprised? Do you believe that the anti-gun supporters consider this a small win each and every time a gun owner is asked to leave private property, turned away, or refused service due to the fact that they are armed? (Being invited is even better than being a gracious guest. No one appreciates an uninvited guest who barges their way in, unannounced and then proceeds to act as if they own the place.)


Do you as a gun owner feel pride in seeing your brothers and sisters in arms proudly displaying their coat of arms? Or do you feel a bit uneasy, not knowing what level of training, safety awareness, legal knowledge, or public speaking skills these individuals who have chosen to represent you (as a fellow gun owner) may possess? (If one is strutting around showing off their guitar, people may assume they are a musician, but if they are asked to play and the owner doesn't know a single chord then the audience is soon lost. One of my favorite quotes "Remain silent and be assumed an idiot, or open ones mouth and remove all doubt." If you are not fully prepared to speak on the subject, do not take a position in front of an audience.)


Face it.. the fact of the matter is that gun owners do need a public presence in society in order to gain attention, convey a message, encourage education, and hopefully positively impact those around them and sway those individuals opinions to their side, rather than the other, and lastly to effect change in policies or legislature.


We want you to remember that an armed and EDUCATED society (should be a) polite society.


So we encourage all gun owners to know and understand the laws in your jurisdiction, and obey them! When addressing the general public you must remember that manners matter in making a good impression and helping to sway mindsets.


Please help us keep the "tact" in tactical.

We want to encourage all of our members and students to get involved in some way. Here are just a few of the ways to get involved:

  • Join the NRA
  • Join your local chapter (in Nevada it's the Nevada Firearms Coalition)
  • Support local firearms businesses
  • Attend organized rallies where your presence and numbers can make a positive statement
  • Contact your legislators and State representatives when an issue that you are passionate about comes around to a vote and let them know how you will be voting

We would love to hear your thoughts on this matter, please take a moment and complete the Open Carry Questionnaire Poll above, and/or add your comments in a response below


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