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Why the Para-1911 is not your Mama's 1911.

Lauren Boitel

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Not Your Mama's 1911


As a self-proclaimed Glock girl, I was surprised at my seemingly instantaneous need to purchase my first 1911. I received an email from a local gun store with an offer of 25% off a brand I had never heard of. Para.


I did a quick google search and watched a tactic-cool video about the manufacturer's history and dedication to precision.  Couple that with a mail-in rebate of an additional $100 off and some quick math and I headed down to the gun store. Of course, I also did my research - I shot a quick text to a few friends and "gun geeks" about the brand and read through several online forums. The results were inconclusive as they were all mixed reviews. It seemed as though gun owners either loved or hated their Paras. I asked the salesman behind the counter what the real story was. He told me there were some reliability concerns with the brand during the acquisition by Freedom Group (most known for the Bushmaster and Remington brands) and the move from Canada to North Carolina but other than that, he had sold a handful and hadn't heard any complaints. I did look at other 1911s:  Sig, Rock Island Armory, even a gorgeous and extrememly tempting Kimber. Not wanting to give up 20 points on my credit score, I quickly returned the Kimber to its case. I kept going back to the black ops double stack Para. So, I bought it. And I love it. It shoots beautifully, it fits my hand surprisingly well and its a pleasure to have on the range. There are a few things I had to get used to of course: staging my hand on the thumb safety when presenting, figuring out which notch to line up for re-inserting the slide lock during re-assembly after cleaning to get that audible, highly sought after "click" into place, etc. None of these things are too onerous and I have had no reliability issues. Having equal magazine capacity to my Glock 19 mixed with the comfortable weight and slick trigger press of a 1911 make this gun the perfect addition to my firearms family. The next time you are in the gun store, look around for the Para case and check one out - you won't regret it.

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