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Have you ever found yourself driving north in the valley, noticing that the green street signs are now blue and wondering what that means for your gun rights? I have. I work in Las Vegas and live in North Las Vegas. I have heard from many sources that I can't open carry in North Las Vegas, and they have different ordinances about carrying in your vehicle. And what about Boulder City? When I carry, which is most of the time, I am thinking about situational awareness, safety, and myriad other things. I don't want to have to think about municipal boundaries as well! I have taken ADAPT's CCW course so my knowledge of state and local gun laws is pretty good, but should it have to be? Should you need to carry flashcards on you everytime you leave your house? No. I don't think so, and niether does the Nevada Firearms Coalition (NVFAC).


NVFAC recently started a Political Action Committee (PAC) to ensure that Nevada gunowners have a voice and a presence in Carson City; especially moving into the 2015 legislative session. Until now, Nevadans have had to rely on the national NRA to fight the big fights. With this new political action arm of NVFAC, we have a much closer power house defending our rights at the capitol. NVFAC supports:

  • Elected officials who uphold our rights that are enumerated in the Nevada and US Constitutions
  • Ownership and safe use of firearms for self-defense, competition, recreation and hunting
  • One uniform gun law throughout Nevada
  • Ending handgun registration in Clark County
  • Eliminating “gun-free” zones that create targets for criminals
  • Strengthening self-defense laws like the Castle Doctrine
  • Expanding Nevada’s carry laws

And opposes:

  • So-called “universal background checks” that lead to gun registration and ultimately confiscation
  • Elected and appointed officials who put party or personal gain ahead of the rights of the citizens
  • Tax increases on ammunition
  • Laws that infringe upon the rights of our veterans or mentally ill seeking help

Further, NVFAC has estabished a list of 4 criteria to determine if new awsa are to be proposed, supported, or opposed based on:

  1. NVFAC-PAC supports legislation that will result in one gun law for all Nevada citizens applied equally throughout the state.
  2. NVFAC-PAC will support any firearms legislation where analysis shows an enhancement of personal liberty and significant public benefits.
  3. NVFAC-PAC will actively work to repeal existing firearms codes and ordinances that only apply to local jurisdictions. This includes the elimination of the Clark County Handgun Registration Ordinance and ordinances in Mesquite, North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City and Clark County that are in violation of state wide pre-emption laws. 
  4. NVFAC-PAC  will oppose any firearms legislation where analysis shows that the public safety benefits are an intrusion into personal liberty.

NVFAC is requesting your help in contacting two Nevada legislators (Assemblyman Pat Hickey and Senator Michael Roberson) and asking for their support of our gun rights. I have contacted both and recieved a message from Assemblyman Hickey stating that he was with me on these issues. It is important for all gun owners to reach out to the public figures who serve us and make sure they are hearing our voices and representing us appropriately.  Thank you for your support of ADAPT, NVFAC (PAC) and the second amendment!


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