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UNLV Chapter of Students for Concealed Carry is official.

Eric Loden

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UNLV Chapter of Students for Concealed Carry is official, and gaining public attention.


The chapter is getting some traction in the local media. We support this chapter, the national organization, and a change in state law to allow students and faculty at our Universities the same rights as state citizens. Why should a constitutional right and seeking higher education be mutually exclusive?




What changes need to be made in State law for this to become a reality?


Assembly Bill 143 was put forward on Feb 18th, 2013 by several sponsors (listed below)



A brief history on the bill AB 143 (read more by clicking on the link)


Introduced in the Assembly on Feb 18, 2013.  

By: (Bolded name indicates primary sponsorship)
Fiore, Wheeler, Paul Anderson, Hansen, Hickey, Carrillo, Duncan, Ellison, Grady, Hambrick, Hardy, Kirner, Ohrenschall, Oscarson, Stewart, Woodbury, Gustavson, Settelmeyer, Cegavske, Goicoechea, Hammond, Hardy


Stay tuned for more information about meetings, and events.

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