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Firearms to lookout for in 2014

Eric Tsou

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Hello, everybody! With the panic of 2013 behind us and the firearms industry finally getting time to breathe 2014 is now upon us. After attending the 2014 Shot Show we were able to see some amazing new things. Here is just a few things we saw that are coming this year from your favorite firearms manufacturers that we think you too might be interested in.


Sig Sauer, has finally introduced a rifle that has my attention, the new Sig 556xi. The Sig556xi is the next iteration of the Sig 556 rifle line, an Americanized version of the venerable Swiss design. By adding the ability to change calibres by swapping out the barrel and lower receiver (the upper receiver is the registered part) from 5.56 to 7.62x39 that takes AK mags makes it quite versatile. Add in different stock options from folding to AR15 tube stocks and the ability to change from right to left hand charging this is definitely the Swiss Army knife of rifles.




 Beretta will finally be releasing their ARX100 rifle this year. One of the lightest 5.56 semi-auto rifles around. The rifle's use of polymer is what makes this rifle so light and when shouldered is quite easy to point and move. The rifle also features the ability to quickly change calibres by changing out the barrel, but it is the fact that the rifle is left hand ready that makes it so interesting. The rifle incorporates ambi mag release and selector switch, and can easily be changed from right to left hand charging and ejection.




 Glock has broke into new territory with their Glock 42 pistol, a single stack 380acp subcompact. The handgun is quite thin and fits nicely in the hands, like a Glock 26 on a diet. Though it is small for a Glock it is actually quite a bit bigger than other 380acp subcompacts on the market. The slide was quite easy to rack and being a little bit bigger will help with taming whatever recoil the 380acp had and will be a big plus for people who cannot handle or manipulate a weapon in a more powerful calibre.



Smith & Wesson has a new line of revolvers that fire the 9mm cartridge, the 986 and 929. They are marketed as competition revolvers built on the L-frame and N-frame. The 986 will have a 7 round capacity while the 929 will have an 8 round capacity. Loading and unloading the 9mm automatic cartridge is done by using moon clips and can be done quite fast. These revolvers though designed for competition will actually be quite the defensive tool, especially in states which have limited magazines and have put so many limitations on semi-auto pistols that there may be no more semi-auto imports into that state in the near future.Smith_Wesson_Revolvers_929_986.jpg

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