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Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show


2014 Shot Show Gun and Gear Review


Attending Shot Show 2014 is a great way to start off the new year thinking of how we can ADAPT our training techniques to better suit our students.


Being able to talk to so many great like minded individuals was an absolutely fantastic experience.

We were only able to see about 80% of the products we wanted to see and that is only 33% of the total show. We hope to have some media badges to do some more in depth coverage (videos and interviews) next year.

This year we will just have to add some photos we took and some from the net.


We got off to a slow start walking the floor (2nd level) immediately upon entering the hall we noticed that a lot of the same vendors were in the same spots as the years before (this is nice so you can easily find them the next time around)


Our first booth we stopped at was Daniel Defense

We checked out there video showcasing the torture test they did to one of the rifles on display and we wanted to check out their augmented reality demo but someone was hogging the IPAD. sad.png Some of the interesting things about Daniel Defense is that that feature a few rifles with integrated suppressors so you would only need one tax stamp and not two in order to own them. (One for a  SBR Short Barrel Rifle)


Next we visited the guys at Elcan Optics

There we checked out the SpecterDR 1-4x 1.5-6x and the 1,3,9x 3FOV Weapon Sight

These are great optics, giving the operator the choice to switch between preset focal lengths very quickly with either a flip of a switch or the roll of a dial.


As I was walking by the ESS Eye Pro booth I was listening in as one of their representatives a Mr. Ryan Bumgardener was talking to some other attendees... as he noticed I was wearing my ESS Crossbow glasses on my hat he pointed me out saying "there we go, another happy customer" I exclaimed that I love them but they had seen better days in the last 5 years of use, when he questioned what was wrong I mentioned that I tore the nose piece off and the lens had seen better days. He immediately reached under the counter and gave me a new set of lens with attached nose piece and an additional nose piece for the lenses I was still wearing. Talk about great customer service!!! A big shout out to a great product and a great team.


Next we stopped in at VLTOR and spoke with Mr. Jim Bateman about their new line of uppers that feature "keymod" accessory attachment points.

We really liked this idea because of the design, it has weight reduction and ergonomic advantages.  Instead of having a full rail system, you can place rail segments at key points of your hand-guard for your rail specific accessory.


Moving on we visited Evan Salindo at KWA - As we are researching less-than-lethal training options we are weighing the benefits of training with Airsoft over what we have traditionally been using such as Simunitions and UTM. 


Fernando (my apologies on not getting his last name) at Bluewater Ropes/Yates gear Inc. –  was incredibly knowledgeable with years of real world experience. We love talking to professionals that use, and train in the gear they are representing far more than just a salesperson that knows all the tech specs. We had a great conversation about the benefits of utilizing an ATC (Air Traffic Controller) over a traditional Figure 8. Now I am going to have to add one to my rigging!


RTS Target System  We saw these target systems as a tremendous value for their cost, with the ability to absorb thousands of rounds before replacement, the ability to shoot them from point blank distances without the fear of ricochets, and the ability to take the smallest to largest calibers we think they are just awesome.


At Dummies Unlimited- We looked at all the innovative 3-D shooting and training targets, these are great if you have the location, ability to transport, and store them. Hopefully we will be able to utilize this technology in the very near future. Looking at the FIST Training Suit was also great, the ability to quickly get in and out of the suit allowing another trainer to switch roles is a benefit to a timely training environment.


At First Light we spoke with Mr. Greg Devries and learned about their new handheld yet hands-free flashlight. These lights loop over a finger and the body of the light is held on the outside of the operators hand, allowing the user to achieve a more normal grip on whatever they want (firearm, vertical fore-grip, doorknob, magazines, etc...) We are hoping to get one for further T&E (testing and evaluation)... once we do, be sure that we will do a full review and video discussing some of the training applications we saw as beneficial.


At Mile High Shooting Accessories-  we spoke with Mr. John Fador we got to see the Battlehook Sights by Henning Group. These are great sights to assist with clearing malfunctions with your sidearm if you only have one functional or free hand.


Stress Vest- Thane


Shock Knife- Pierre


We absolutely had to stop by the Caracal booth to see our good friend Jeff Spalding. If you want to read more about what we he had to say about this line of products you can read our article specifically about Carcal here.


Another close friend of ours is Kim Klein who is the owner of Everyday Tactical. As a female firearms instructor she is the perfect person to design concealed carry purse and bag options for women who want to carry everyday.


Glen Stidham at Faxon Firearm- A CNC machining company that has created a new upper receiver design for the AR15.  Marrying the concept of a long stroke AK style gas piston design, swappable calibers, and modern machining.


At Smart Fire Arms we spoke with The Director of Training: Jason Mew. These are a simulated firearm training safety aid. The simulator has a sensor located within the trigger guard that senses when the users finger lingers nearby or enters the trigger guard but is not actively pressing the trigger an alarm sounds until the user removes their finger and places it on the appropriate reference point. At a price point close to the cost of a real firearm we look at these as filing a limited niche in the market. We encourage departments to use whatever means it can to help encourage firearms safety however proper training techniques used by a professional instructor can also prevent negligence (not accidental discharges) So in shot this product is an equipment solution for a training deficiency.


At the Beretta Corp USA – booth we spoke with Mr. Eric Ashworth about their new ARX100 rifle platform. We found this to be a very Interesting rifle that may be a big seller for left hand shooters, as the charging handle and shell ejection direction can both be changed with a fairly simple flip of the switch.


We spent a lot of time at the Laser Shot booth, and we have to thank Mr. Brad Herm for taking so much time speaking with us about this amazing system. We will be doing a write up on this product as we look to our students and partners for support in acquiring this system for our teaching needs.



We could go on and on but we are going to stop here for this article, and wait to go into more depth on some of the individual products in their own reviews.


If you have any more questions and want more detail about anything listed here please leave a comment below and we will try our very best to answer them.


Some of the other booths we stopped by are listed below:



Lancer Firearms (Matt Nagle)

DAW Technologies

Thureon Firearms

SWAT Firearms

Viridian Laser


5.11 Tactical-

Benelli USA-



KA-BAR Knives Inc-

Kershaw & Zero Tolerance Knives-

Blade-tech Industries Inc.–

DPMS Firearms LLC

Remington Arms Company LLC 

Leatherman Tool Group

Coast Products

Law Officer Magazine

Pelican Products Inc. –

MGM Targets/Mike Gibson Mfg

EO Tech

TOPS Knives

SOG Armory Inc. –

Barrett Fiearms Mfg. Inc

Trijicon Inc

Galco Gunleather

Nighthawk Custom & PSI

O.F. Mossberg & Sons Inc. –

Bianchi International


Hornady Mfg. Company

Springfield Armory

Petzl America

Simunition/General Dynamics OTS

Benchmade Knife Company Inc.

Emerson Knives

Eberlestock USA LLC

Law Enforcement Targets Inc.

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