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Eric Loden

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Permalink Reply by Eric Loden on May 19, 2009 at 8:22pm
Blackhawk Serpa Holsters

Does anybody have information about the reliability of the Blackhawk Serpa holsters?
Several detectives in our agency want to use them but one of our senior firearms instructors is worried about a report of some mechanical failures.

(Original post Reply by Eric Loden on May 19, 2009 at 8:22pm)

I carry and use a Blackhawk Serpa every day and can bet that I use it more than any Patrol officers in the field. I will come in and out of the holster between 40 - 100 times a day, multiply that by five days a week for the last year. So I know they can handle the wear and tear. I know that they can break if they are mishandled. Many range instructors do not use retention holsters because they want a faster presentation. I use it, because I carry that way when I am not at work. TRAIN HOW YOU WANT TO FIGHT!!!!

Further, presentation and shot from a concealed holster to target at 21 meters in 0.9 seconds is fast enough in my book to say that the Serpa doesn't slow you down if you practice smoothly and perfectly.

I love the holster and recommend it to many of my students, law enforcement, military, and civilian alike.


I finally had my Blackhawk Serpa holster break on me. (Sigh - sad day.) As I was entering the passenger side of a vehicle the butt of my weapon got stuck in the door frame and I literally snapped the belt loop attachment. Now, let me state that the holster is about 4 years old and I weigh over 300 lbs. I have done years of training with it and now finally it paid the price. When I say training... I mean training. As a professional firearms instructor I am on the range almost every single day. Practicing single hand malfunction clearance drills (running my sights and action on the holster), doing weapons retention drills (other large gentlemen hanging from my hip off the ground on the holster), and rolling around on the ground (over and on top of repeatedly). Needless to say, I put the gear through its paces far more than the average user.

Upon calling to ask Blackhawk about the warranty or replacement program the representative told me that it is a One Year warranty only, however she stated that she would send a replacement part out to me as soon as possible at no cost. (Once again outstanding customer service for an outstanding product.)

I have a few other retention holsters to demonstrate for my students but I will continue to carry the Serpa because of its reliability, ease of use, and the fact that I have consistently trained with it for several years.


Whatever you decide to carry, train with it as hard as you can safely. Know your gear, train the way you want to fight because you fight the way you train. Stay safe and train hard.

If you want a demonstration of the speed of this holster all you have to do is perform a you tube search for "Todd Jarrett" and the "Blackhawk Serpa holster".

Our videos are coming soon...stay tuned

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I sought and followed Eric's advice when purchasing my first holster and went with the Serpa. I love it and have never had a problem with its performance or durability. I recommend this holster to anyone who asks. As to the speed issue - while I don't have the fastest presentation (yet!), I notice that my speed actually decreases with other holsters I've had to use when lending my Serpa to new students, friends or family.

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