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Topic: Use of Cover vs. Concealment
Prerequisites: You must have either attended a Primer, a Pistol Fundamentals, or our Nevada Concealed Firearms Permit Course prior to attendance to this Foundry Session. (Primer session precedes this Foundry Session.)
During this session we will identify the differences between Cover and Concealment, discuss and apply various shooting positions used to maximum your ability to effectively use what is available to you, practice barricaded and supported positions, and much more.
  • Proper positioning of ones self to utilize cover/concealment
  • Shooting from behind, over, under, and around obstacles
  • Shooting obstructed or obscured targets
150-200 rounds (Primary)
Multiple weapons systems allowed (Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol)
Concealment garments optional
Knee and elbow pads are encouraged but not necessary

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