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    July 03, 2021 03:00 PM      July 04, 2021 12:00 AM

    Enroll Now! Space is limited
    Nevada Concealed Firearms Permit Course
    Location: Clark County Shooting Complex Education Center. Drive in video.
    08:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Classroom 0800-1100 Lunch 1100-1200 Range 1200-1700 (Renewal course only enroll here) This class meets and exceeds all requirements set forth by the Nevada Sheriff and Chiefs Association to obtain a Nevada Concealed Firearms Permit. (Additionally qualifies you for your Florida permit at no additional cost.) Contact us about obtaining a Utah State Permit
    Do you need to renew your expiring CFP? Click here.

    Time: Review the Course Calendar for date specific times
    Classroom time: 3 hours
    Lunch break: 1 hour (lunch is not provided) Map of food vendors in the area.
    Range time: 5 hours $20 Range Fee for initial applicants
    Location: Clark County Shooting Complex: Education Center
    11357 N. Decatur Blvd. Las Vegas, Nevada 89131

    Requirements: Minimum age for attendance is 12 with guardian present. Must be 21 years or older to obtain applications for *Nevada*, and Florida permits. *Active or honorably discharged Military may be 18-20 to apply for Nevada permit.*
    Prerequisite: None
    Required Equipment:
    1 Handgun Semi-automatic, or Revolver (We strongly encourage you to come study with the weapon you plan on carrying for self-defense.) Rental Weapons Packages 2 Magazines or 2 speed-loaders for the weapon 100 rounds of ammunition for qualifying weapon A hat with brim Wrap-around eye protection Hearing protection (Electronic is advised) Rental Gear Packages
    Recommended Equipment:
    1 Holster View our Approved and Recommended Holster page 1 Magazine Pouch 1 Sturdy Belt Topics:
    Firearms safe handling and storage Federal, State, and Local laws      Prohibited areas (Quick reference page, FAQ) Criminal and Civil liability and the aftermath of a shooting incident Basic tactics Situational awareness, De-escalation, and threat avoidance Loading/Unloading, Grip, Stance, Marksmanship, and Diagnostic techniques Concealed carry options and presentation methods Rules of Engagement (Legal and appropriate use of force in response to a violent threat) Defensive marksmanship (The balance between speed and accuracy) Survival Sequence (Surviving the initial encounter, and beyond) Malfunction clearances Useful Information:
    Useful Information:
    To take the practice QUIZ and test your skills click here. (Updated for 2021)

    Your signed application received upon the completion of the course is valid for 1 year from the date of attendance.
    Following your course, there are two ways to apply, either online or in person following the instructions provided on the forms.
    LVMPD CFP Online Application Form  LVMPD CFP Online Application Information page. LVMPD CFP PDF Application Download (New revision with updated fees 08/2019) The 120 day permit processing time starts once you have completed the fingerprint and photograph at the LVMPD office, not submission of the online application.
    The fees paid to LVMPD are as follows: (updated fee list can be found here) *Fees to LVMPD may be paid by credit/debit cards, cash, money order or cashier’s check.
    1. New Application -- $100.25
    2. Renewal Application -- $65.25
    3. Late Renewal Application -- $80.25
    4. Name Change -- $25.00
    5. Duplicate Permit/Late Fee/Address Change -- $15.00
    6. Additional Fingerprint Cards For Out Of State Applications $15.00 For The First Card, $2.00 For Each Additional Card
    Reciprocity: - State Reciprocity laws change often, please follow the links below to find out where your Nevada permit will be honored.

    Updated: 01/01/2021
    All courses are subject to cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances. Email and phone call notifications will be sent out immediately and students will be asked to choose a future course date.

    To view our Course reservation procedure,  Cancellation and Refund Policy please click here.

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